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I’ve heard about CrossFit, and have seen some of the workouts. This is too intense for me. Are you sure anyone can do it?
Without a doubt! We see the same type of movements in our everyday lives. Walking, jumping, picking something up off of the floor, reaching to put something on a shelf, standing from
a sitting position. These same movements constitute our workouts with an added level of intensity that can be scaled to meet an individual’s needs. Whether you are 80 years old and
training to maintain your basic functional movements and independence or a firefighter training to stay alive or save a life in the worst possible environment, you both share the same needs.
Those needs vary in degree not kind.

Is CrossFit dangerous?
CrossFit is a sport, and there is a degree of risk in any sport. But as stated above these movements are found in everyday life, and with proper form chances of injury are significantly reduced.
We coach good form. Each athlete is required to complete an on-ramp foundation course that will teach our movements to ensure we keep your spine and other joints in proper form to prevent injury.
Each workout will be coached to ensure that proper form is used. If your form isn’t good your rep wont count!
As more and more data accumulates on the implementation of CrossFit training, an interesting pattern has emerged. The highest rates of injury occur among those who do not train using functional movements.
Lower rates of injury occurs among people who train functional movements with terrible forms, and the lowest rates of injury are in those who train functional movements with good form. It turns out that
moving your body the way it is designed to move is the safest way to train. Even doing it poorly is better than not doing it at all.

I’m a girl and I’m concerned about getting big bulky muscles. Is CrossFit going to make me bulk up?
It is extremely difficult for women to build muscle without *cough* pharmaceutical assistance *cough* and it takes years of intense, heavy training. It doesn’t happen by accident! First, you’ll find your
hard to get rid of flab start to disappear. Then you’ll notice your arms look less jiggly and more firm, and you can wear a tank top with confidence.You’ll begin to see abs start to appear and notice the lines of muscles you didn’t even know you had. If you choose to take your CrossFitting to the elite, competitive level, then you will most likely end up with the tiny, but solid look of the CrossFit woman, and you’ll love it.
How can I find time for fitness?
If you have time to watch TV, you have time to get fit. It’s your body treat it well! The good news is we don’t believe you need to spend 2 hours in the gym to get a good workout. We can provide a severe butt kicking in 20 minutes or less.
We can have you in and out of the gym in under an hour. Another benefit of high intensity training is that it’s short, and doesn’t need to take time away from the other important parts of your life.

How much does it cost?
Please look under our Class Schedule and Membership Rates page. We offer special rates for law enforcement, fire rescue, students, teachers, nurses, and military. Everyone is more than welcome to come in and try CrossFit out for FREE before deciding whether or not to sign up.


We are located at 7740 NW 44th St Sunrise,FL 33351 (in the Lincoln Plaza on 44th Street just west of University). Phone: 954-378-8FIT (8348)

Email: crossfitmilitia@gmail.com

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