Who We Are And Our Facility

CrossFit Militia is part of a fitness revolution called CrossFit.  CrossFit is functional fitness based on everyday movements, not muscles.  We are waging a war against the machines. We don’t want you using them, we want you performing like one.  Machines do not replicate movements found in everyday life. They aren’t as efficient at providing fitness that will benefit us in our daily lives, while making us stronger, healthier, and helping us to live longer in a nicer body that comes as an added bonus.

CrossFit employs the best parts of the fitness world including Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, kettlebell training, plyometrics, rowing, running, and jumping rope.  These items together forge elite fitness across broad time, and modal domains.  Our fitness is measured through 10 general physical skills which are: speed, strength, stamina, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, cardio/respiratory endurance, and stamina.  You won’t find any mirrors, treadmills, or fancy heart rate monitors here, only truly measurable fitness.

CrossFitters are extremely diverse from all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels from one extreme to the other.  They range from elite athletes, Police, Firefighters, to new moms, to grandmas and grandpas, to teenagers.  Their needs differ in degree, not kind.  They all share a common goal, to be fit.  That goal can be obtained through variable, functional movement executed at a high intensity,and the desire to be better tomorrow than they are today.  There is only one shortcut to results, and that is through intensity.  You will find the results to be dramatic. CrossFit is a community.  Camaraderie between athletes provides a family like atmosphere that we look forward to showing up to on a daily basis.  Getting fit should be fun and is best shared with others.

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