Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what people are asking us...

No. CrossFit is meant to get you in shape no matter what your current fitness level is. You can do CrossFit even if you've never worked out before, you are young or old, thin or overweight. Our coaches are trained to modify or scale each workout to help each person succeed. As you become fitter and stronger, your workouts will be adjusted to challenge you accordingly.
No. Everything you need is here. Just come in comfortable clothes (shorts and a T-shirt), athletic shoes and a willingness to give it your all.
That depends on a number of factors and everybody is unique. However, those who are unaccustomed to regular exercise will probably start feeling better and stronger immediately. In addition, it is common to see improvements in flexibility, agility and body composition within the first couple months. Soon you will also begin seeing personal changes such as increased mental toughness, higher energy levels and better sleep. Most of our new members are shocked at the overall improvements in their health.
No. In fact, increasing size or bulking up is not our goal. We seek to build strength, along with several other key fitness characteristics including accuracy, agility, balance, cardio & respiratory endurance, coordination, flexibility & mobility, muscular stamina, power and speed. The lifting incorporated into our workouts helps our athletes build lean muscle and lose fat, giving them a slender, toned appearance.
Absolutely. CrossFit training is very safe. It is sitting on your couch that is dangerous. The diseases, ailments and injuries that come from inactivity, obesity and poor nutrition can be extremely dangerous, even life threatening. Our trainers are here to get you fit and also to provide precise instructions - instructions that ensure you perform movements efficiently and safely.
For athletes that are unaccustomed to regular intense exercise, 3 workouts per week is sufficient until your body adjusts. As you grow as an athlete and your fitness improves, you’ll be able to handle more volume. Of course, you should always listen to your body. If it’s telling you to rest, listen.

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