Here's what people are saying about us...

"The training is what's key to me, and the instructors are superb!" 

- Darryl

"I have found it to be truly an amazing experience. The coaching staff and the management staff are very warm and friendly…I would truly not choose any other place" 

- Karen

"The thing I like most about this gym is the ideal class sizes - they allow the coaches to interact with you, and to coach you more appropriately" 

- Krystopher

"I had trouble finding people who could make workouts that I could physically do, and when I showed up at this CrossFit, they were really excited and eager to work with me, and that was something that I had been looking for" 

- Nick

"One of the biggest things that I caught my attention and keeps me coming back is the atmosphere - more than a gym honestly. I found a group of friends in a family environment that pushes me to be better… so I'm very grateful for the team here and the support that I get every day" 

- Sean